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Monday, August 20, 2012

Maavunda / Rice Ladoo

Maavunda / Rice Ladoo is a  snack popular in the central parts of kerala. Its very easy to prepare and can be stored for several days  without any taste change.

  • Raw Rice flour(fine powder)- 2 cups
  • Jaggery(grated) - 1 cup
  • Grated Coconut(Finely grated) - 1 cup
  • Dry Ginger powder / chukku podi - 2 pinch
  • Cardamon powder / Elakka podi - 2 pinch
  • Salt water

  • Sprinkle little salt water in the rice flour and mix well.
  • Add grated coconut in to the flour and mix well.
  • Heat a heavy bottomed pan and roast the rice flour and grated coconut  in medium heat till it is crisp and  golden colour . 
  • Remove from fire and let it cool.
  • Add little water in jaggery and let it dissolve.
  • Bring this syrup to boil in a vessel, stirring constantly till one-thread consistency is reached.
  • Add cardamom powder, dry ginger powder and the roasted rice powder into it and mix well.
  • Remove from fire and make small balls out of the mixture.(it will be hard to make balls if the mixture is cold)
  • Apply little rice powder on your hand so that it doesn't stick. 
  • Sprinkle some rice powder over the ball to prevent it from sticking together.